Steven de Jong is looking for ’Grutte Pier’ of 2 metres for film

eabfb659c3eac9d7b62c473e98c61586 - Steven de Jong is looking for ’Grutte Pier’ of 2 metres for film

Director Steven de Jong.

The filmmaker goes in the coming weeks in the Netherlands and abroad, looking. “It must be someone with certain physical characteristics,” explains De Jong. “But he must also be charismatic and can act. It is ultimately a psychological drama about a likeable hard-working farmer who, due to circumstances, turns into a barbarian avenger.”

The Young want to for eight years, every year a part of the record series, so the characters in the picture are actually older. Earlier paste director Richard Linklater, this method also for his prize-winning epic of Boyhood.

Superhuman strength

’Grutte ” Pier Gerfols Donia (1480-1520) was a warlord who fought against the counts of Holland, when they have their rights also wanted to apply in the province of Friesland. The farmer was a giant figure who allegedly had superhuman strength.

After a huurlingenleger his wife had been killed, cast Pier on the fight against the governor of the province of Friesland, which he, as the occupying power saw. He founded his own army, that on the Zuiderzee Dutch ships began to plunder.

The Frisian director wrote the screenplay with Dick van den Heuvel (Sorry!) and the Frisian author Meindert Bylsma. Earlier, The Young hits like De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe and The Hell of ’63.

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