Ryan Gosling had trouble with world-famous sentence

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The actor went to the way in which he used the legendary text would say

It has Ryan Gosling a lot of headaches, claimed to be Neil Armstrong in the movie First Man to portray. This was mainly due to the world-famous phrase that he uttered when he became the first man on the moon got. That told the actor in Toronto.

“A small step for a man, but a giant leap for mankind”, said Armstrong when he set foot on the moon. “That is without a doubt one of the most important phrases ever uttered,” said Ryan in a press conference during the film festival in the Canadian city. “That there must be a good hatch, and that was a burden on my shoulders.”

It was the actor especially to the way in which he sense would say it. “it’s not only the show, but especially to the emotion and the respect that you want to sustain.” According to Ryan, it was for him an honour to the famous phrase to be allowed to speak. He told all his life an admirer of Armstrong.

First Man from director Damien Chazelle experienced in Toronto North American premiere. The Venice film festival had last month, the world premiere.

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