Michel Van den Brande cheated

It is Michel Van den Brande. He has sat night a sleepless night, because he is the victim of a theft and fraud. Michel might be in the money to swim, he is and remains someone who stands up for justice in the world. Tuesday came to light that two members of staff are stellingbedrijf Kontrimo material has been stolen. “No sleep can grasp , thanks to the civic spirit of a friend of mine”, says Michel Van den Brande. “A friend of mine was working in an apartment on the second floor. At a certain moment he enjoys the view and he sees in an adjacent garden a large amount of stellingmateriaal of Kontrimo”, Michel continued. Research showed that the to the garden of one of the many employees of Van den Brande went. “The men , they were two had the habit of with their pick-up little by little stellingmateriaal hoarding” said Michel excited. The two have been there for a while, been busy. “They already had 2 beautiful stables which their material could be stacked,” says Michel. But the two went a step further. “Even heating oil was stolen with their fuel card. When I was 4 weeks ago fuel card had to block, they had the courage of their fucked up, now I know why. Their pick Up had a seriously more consumption than the other vehicles. “
“This makes me yet again is incredibly a lot of pain , boys who are with me 5 years to work and then as their employer belazeren !!!! I want my friend who is in the new apartments, the work was thank you again !! I would also like to ask if they have something strange to see, or they see theses stolen , Kontrimo notify or directly to me , should always be anonymous. “

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