Jennifer Lawrence lurks in the secret to others

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Jennifer Lawrence look secretly to others

The Red Sparrow-actress post anything yourself, but it’s in the secret on social media. In 2014 swept the star is still the floor with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “The internet does not love me,” she complained when, in an interview with the BBC. In march it was already reported that Jennifer undercover on social media was to be found. In the interview she gives now. “I see, but do not speak,” she says.

The star from movies like Mother! and The Hunger Games is still not enamored of the socials. According to her, everyone has a opinion about it. “I want no part of it,” she says now. Jennifer says that she only will post if it is strictly necessary. That can be if she needs something to promote. “Or if there really is something very urgent that I, with my followers want to share.”

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