James Cooke has a busy agenda

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James Cooke is a man with a busy schedule. Currently, he is mainly to be found in the vicinity of the Evanna in Antwerp, where he, together with Gert Verhulst the program ‘Gert Late Night’ color.
From 25 October to 6 January, he is especially in the back again with the comedy “Ladies Night”, Fortunately for him, should James not the clothes. He is producer of this production. And then there is the musical ’40-’45, where James, the cast will join in the half of the performances from 2 January 2019.

For the friend of James, Dorian, this is probably not so pleasant. James Cooke says to-Day All that everything beforehand was discussed and that Dorian knew that this would happen. By the crowds they see each other currently, but soon they’ll more often see it said James in a weekly magazine.

(Nico Vanaken)

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