Iceland-Belgium, followed by 1,06 million tv viewers at VTM

The 0-3 victory of the Red Devils last night in Iceland in the Nations League could count on 1.065.000 tv viewers at VTM. That equates to a market share of 46,4 per cent in the age group 18-54-year-olds. Reports that the commercial station.

It was the best Tuesday of the year for the station. For the football game, the first of Belgium in the new interlandtoernooi, got VTM News 594.000 viewers (market share to 45.5 percent) and Family 617.000 viewers (32.5 percent).

RTL-TVi was Iceland-Belgium viewed by 752.406 tv viewers, or a market share with 55.6 percent in the 18-64-year-olds in French-speaking Belgium.

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