Hunts Twan Huys RTL4-viewer?

6e1603ed8e32c62c275329c206f071d3 - Hunts Twan Huys RTL4-viewer?

Tuesday was Twan Huys for the first time not to be found in the top-25 of best viewed programs on tv. He just 366.000 viewers drew was even more striking because the program began after Kidnapped with John van den Heuvel. That scored well with 824.000 viewers.

It turns out after a week and a half of exemplary for Huys. Since the controversial start of the program deletes only the broadcast porno and Trump-tormentor Stormy Daniels more viewers than the program (+20%).

Preliminary low point is the broadcast of last Friday, when out of every three viewers of The voice senior immediately two wegzapten when she Twan Huys saw. In total, the presenter on that way since the start of his all 2.9 million RTL4 -viewers evaporate.

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