Hazard: “I was prefer to be world champion’

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Belgium has scored in Iceland.

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Belgium’s new number one after victory

“In all honesty, I was rather be world champion than number one”, said the Portuguese is back at Chelsea. “Our goal now is us qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and as far as possible in the Nations League. The coach has us last week talked about. It would be nice if we the first country that new trophy you can win.”

Romelu Lukaku was a similar opinion as Hazard. “We are the world’s first, but we have no price in our hands. The most important thing is that we constantly continue to perform. Everyone sees us as one of the best footballing teams in the world. We get respect only, we should now also price to do”, let the really attacker of Manchester know.

Belgium ran aground during the world cup in the semi-finals. France appeared with 0-1 to strong. Hazard & co have had an excellent start to the Nations League. First it was Scotland with 4-0 records, then it had to Iceland, there sat night to believe: 3-0.

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