First zangopname David Bowie brings 40,000 euros on

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A recording of David Bowie from the beginning of the sixties, at an auction for nearly £ 40,000 (about 44,000 euros) to pay.

It’s going to be a demo of eighteen minutes of the band the Konrads, the first band from Bowie. David Hadfield, the former drummer of the band, was offered the tape for sale.

The Konrads had the demo in 1963, made for the label Decca. Bowie is as a sixteen-year-old singer of the band to hear. He sings the song “I Never Dreamed”. Decca saw nothing and gave The Konrads no record deal. Not much later joined Bowie in the band for a solo career.

Hadfield found the tape in the attic. The auction house had thought that the recording is about 10,000 pounds (about 11,000 euro) would bring. That amount was already before the real auction began, offered.

The much higher amount was established by two foreign bidders not at the auction were present by telephone were striving to, according to the auction house.

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