Ex-miss Romanie Schotte goes unpunished for ‘laughing kakje’

3f173659fb8f414b6251bf359e1026b1 - Ex-miss Romanie Schotte goes unpunished for 'laughing kakje'

Former Miss Belgium Romanie Schotte (20) need not pay compensation for the ‘laughing kakje” that she is at her Instagrampagina placed. That the civil court in Bruges decided. A Dutchman from Anderlecht had 20,000 euros compensation demanded.

In may 2016, the city of Bruges, a picture of himself on the bus on her Instagramaccount. The image was in the background, a gruffy looking man of African origin. A follower posted “that nigga”, which Schotte responded with ‘I know’, and the conscious emoticon of a smiling turd.

A Dutchman from Anderlecht claimed that he was disturbed by the media attention around the photo. According to his lawyer he was repeatedly laughed at by people that he recognized. In addition, he felt harmed his honor and dignity as a black man. K. B. demanded a compensation of 20,000 euros from the ex-miss. The defense argued that K. B. not even the man on that Instagram photo.

The court noted that the Dutchman is not present in the court and only two photos submitted. “The court sees no resemblance between the man on the picture on the bus was taken and the photo that plaintiff struck. The latter picture shows a man who is apparently younger.” The photo on his identity card shows a certain resemblance, but is the opinion of the court is too small and too dark to have certainty.

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