EU parliament wants Hungary to the strafbank

91a473518c370a383417a10adf1ebb50 - EU parliament wants Hungary to the strafbank

BRUSSELS – A majority of the European Parliament (448, 197 against and 48 abstentions) for the activation of the toughest criminal proceedings against Hungary. The developments in the former eastern bloc country to form a “systemic threat” for the European values, the european parliament.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

It agreed with the conclusions of the rapporteur Judith Sargentini (GroenLinks), that the government of prime minister Viktor Orban since 2010, measures that the rule of law and democracy erode. Thus, the independent media and academia are curtailed, aid agencies thwarted and independent judges is replaced by ‘friends’ of the government.

The parliament is now calling on the member states the so-called article 7 of the EU treaty for Hungary to call. This may help the country eventually voting rights in the council be taken, but this requires all EU governments to agree.

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