Dream Xander de Buisonjé comes from

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He is one of the many artists in Zwolle, Eindhoven and Amsterdam are on stage for the festival De Vliegende vrienden van Amstel Live. “This is very cool to be with. This is the Friends of Amstel, but in three cities at the same time. I give, with Nick & Simon and André Hazes three shows of seventy minutes for a total of 120,000 people in one day. And then with a helicopter from city to city, that would be a dream come true if you think of the artist,” says Xander against BuzzE.

“We are really friends”, he talks about Nick & Simon, and André Hazes. “We see each other regularly and have often sung together. This is very great to be together to be able to do.”

By helicopter to a gig is not entirely new to Xander. “I once experienced in my time with Volumia!. We were then on the point of breaking through in Belgium. Throughout the year We were worked really hard and I was on skiing holiday in Andorra. Then came the question of whether we wanted to occur during the Gala of the Golden Shoe, as I could not say no. When am I from my destination picked up by a helicopter, to Belgium and after the show.”

Military precision

Nevertheless, Saturday was very different. “This is truly a day to the hole,” says Xander. “Everything goes with military precision. We have exactly seventy minutes of play, even better on 65 minutes. Absolutely no longer than seventy minutes, because the flight schedule is accurate to the minute. We need to immediately back off stage and in the heli to the next show.”

The artists present the audience with a varied setlist. “Nederpop and sentimental songs”, reveals Xander. “We open and close with z’n threes. It is a trip down memory lane, with songs we have already sung during the vrienden van Amstel. With André I sang once Live, that is now coming back.”

Time to look at the other artists, including Marco Borsato, Anouk, Typhoon, and Brotherhood is not there. “We are with z” n the four of us, that is a whole other dimension. I don’t think it’s a lot less fun, we’ll be going to laugh. And all of them thought: jeez, what we make it anyway.”

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