Daughter Dwayne Johnson in footsteps of father

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Dwayne Johnsons daughter also wants to be a celebrity to be in the wrestling

The 17-year-old daughter of Dwayne The Rock Johnson is on the train to wrestler to be. She is in Orlando already part-time began training at the training center of the WWE, the company that the television broadcasts of the entertaining worstelpartijen.

According to the Mirror, she would already have a few months to train, but is that the next time, only more intense. Simone has a clear mission; she aims the same worstelcarrière after as her father, no less than ten times, became world champion and then a superstar in Hollywood.

But that act does not per se. “I especially want to wrestle. Every move and every game requires some degree of passion and that I truly admire. I have thought about it and that is what I want to achieve.”

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