Couple in luxury resort Hurghada death by ’Landbouwgif’

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Hurghada – Landbouwgif is possible the cause of death of an English couple in a luxury hotel in Hurghada.

John and Susan Cooper

John and Susan Cooper came three weeks ago under mysterious circumstances in the Steigenberger Aqua Magic on the Red Sea in Egypt.

The daughter of the couple, who with her three children also in the hotel stayed, has, from day one, insisted on a good research by Thomas Cook, the travel company that the resort under more offers. According to Kelly had her parents the night before their death, complained about a ’strange smell’ in the room.

The Egyptian authorities stated that the two of a heart attack had died and that that ’in view of their age’ (64 and 69) and ’normal’ was.


The English tour operator decided, after a first inquiry all the 300 own customers from the five-star hotel to evacuate.

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Daughter Kelly said on ITV that the owners of Steinberger tried everything to have the traces to erase. Just before room 5106, where the English couple died was closed by the police, went there as a cleaning staff by the building.


Now it appears that shortly before the set the room moved, an adjacent area was cleaned with a strong poison, thus, reveals the Mail. It was going to be Lambda to be observed. 5 %, according to the newspaper. The vapours are likely to be via the suspended ceiling in the room of the Coopers. A spokesman for the university of Hertfordshire says to the Times that people ’very toxic’.

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The world health organization (WHO wrote previously about the poison used that you headaches and nausea. In overdose, you get convulsions and krampaanvallen.


After a long investigation, the remains are now released for transport to England. There will be research done to the cause of death.

According to the Daily Mail and now have two hundred people filed a complaint against the hotel.

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Thomas Cook did his own research and concluded that there was a lot of poepbacteriën in the food and the air. The Coopers, however, would something else have died, according to the agency.

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