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Australia is expanding its presence in the Blockchain the area

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Australia’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA), a government organization, the innovative ideas helps in the direction of top of developing technology, is the best way to reveal until the end of the fourth quarter of this year, a prototype of a Blockchain platform, Computerworld Australia in your article. This is not the only government-based platform, the tests, the Australian government at the Moment. The government in New South Wales (NSW) will test meanwhile, a block chain based platform for your new driver’s license-digitization program, which will be published in November of this year. As mentioned on crypto Ticker reported, IBM signed a contract about $ 740 million with the Australian government for the use of Blockchain technology and other innovative technologies. So you want to improve your cross-brand partnership for data security solutions in the area of IBM-Hardware, Software, Cloud-based solutions and joint innovation programs in the fields of quantum and cyber security. In addition, they support the promotion of digital transformation agenda of the government.

David La Rose, the managing Director of IBM Australia and new Zealand, said the following:

The complete government contract reflects the growing importance of technology for the transformation agenda of the government. For authorities, it will be easier and more cost-efficient with IBM to work together, while our technologies enable the authorities to more intelligent, integrated and “always-on” digital services for citizens.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and the Australian social security system

Randall Brugeaud said already in the beginning of the year that the social security system is at the heart of the new Blockchain initiatives. He said:

The potential of the Blockchain for the secure capture of transactions is examined on the basis of the experience of other organisations in the public and private sector.

In addition, the Chief Digital Officer of the DTA, Peter Alexander had announced, publicly, that the former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was also interested in the DTA research and development in the Blockchain operates.

He said:

When summing up the experience gained by the government with the Blockchain, it comes to the following questions and statements:

Basically, what it is, and there is a value for this technology? These are the questions we ask ourselves at a time and in a world in which the Blockchain is new and not standardized, but clearly a value outside of the crypto currency. It cannot be denied that Blockchain and some of the components of this technology or this technology set, offer more value. We will consider it to determine what is of value and how we can share it. Specifically, we were asked to check whether we can use it for social assistance benefits.

The enthusiasm of the Teams in the DTA gives a lot of optimism in the direction of the Blockchain. You should enable Australian government agencies to improve their safety and efficiency a high manipulation protection.

Country-wide pilot programme for the digitisation of driving licences

The government of the state of New South Wales (NSW) is planning a programme for the digitisation of driving licences to go in November of this year in the test phase. The platform is based on a decentralized System, which is developed by Secure Logic, an Australian company that specializes in Blockchain technology and IT infrastructure.

The Blockchain network, which is based on the platform, which will be piloted 140,000 license holders, is supported by a Blockchain infrastructure network name TrustGrid. This builds on a similar pilot program, such as a voheriges program was launched in Dubbo, that it allows the pilot testers to use their digital driver’s license to get access to a wide range of services in Bars and Clubs. In addition, a simpler identity checks, for example, in the case of the police, or in the Bars and Clubs.

The time of the snake standing to the government to submit papers to an end, as well as our confidence in the physical badges to their identity, or their proof of age for law enforcement or licensed locations. The are prone to error, time-consuming, expensive and impractical way to provide services.

Devaraj, the CEO of Secure Logic said at the beginning of this year, the digital driver’s license pilot.

Australia paves the way for the Blockchain innovations

All of these initiatives the Australian government to show its clear motive, a global presence in the “Blockchain-government development betting establish the run”, which is currently being examined by other countries such as Estonia, South Korea and the United States. Time will tell whether these bold initiatives will pay off for the Australian government in the long term. The Australian citizens have to wait anyway, looking forward to the publication of the license-digitization platform in the coming November.

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