’10,000 men strong European coastguard’

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STRASBOURG – the security of The EU external borders and the curbing of migration are today central in the last State of the Union by Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

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With the plan should the unwanted migration towards EU territory contained.

The Luxemburger speaks Wednesday morning for its annual ‘throne speech’, to the example of the American president, in the European Parliament. It is the kick-off of the new political season, in the character of the European Elections of may next year.

Coast guard

According to leaked plans wants Juncker that in 2020 a 10,000-man strong European coast guard is established. Thus, the undesirable migration towards EU territory contained. But also the return of rejected asylum seekers to their countries of origin should be faster.

Migration remains hoofdpijndossier number one for the EU. Due to controversy over the redistribution of migrants is a reform of the asielregels really stuck. Italy, where many migrants arrive, demanding solidarity from the rest but beyond that cut – and-paste work in anticipation of an as yet proven impossible real adaptation, the European Commission does not.

In June, spoke to the government on top of that there is ‘ontschepingsplatforms’ in North Africa, where intercepted migrants need to be. But there is in countries in the region is still little enthusiasm for such camps and the question is whether they are there by all sorts of practical problems at all.

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Juncker wants to focus on economic development of Africa. This will result in a less Africans feel pressure on rickety boats in the direction of Europe, to travel.

Juncker is also likely to elaborate on the (larger) role in the world Europe must play. The handelsconflict with the US is isolated, but certainly not yet out of the world. It is clear that the relationship with Washington under president Trump has seriously declined. A lot of Brussels, but also national, European politicians have the tradeoff that the EU has, therefore, become a more independent course, must sail.

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