Witnesses, season 1: crime drama from the top shelf

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Not Nordic Noir, but Euro Noir. Witnesses in a French misdaadserie and enter for lovers of dark, thrilling series! Now available in the Movies & Series Pass.

Beautiful, but gray Normandy

Le Treport, a picturesque town on the Normandy coast. Many clouds, many shades of gray and quite cold. That impression already get if you have a group of agents shivering see discussions about how hard it is, however, a corpse from a deep grave. Um, excuse me?

The female inspector and the ex-agent

There happen to be strange and horrifying things in Le Tréport. Defiled graves, corpses that are dug up, dressed up and plonked in model houses. The word ‘kijkwoning’ ‘ll immediately have something lugubers by. Every time the same ritual: a man, a woman and a teenager that one did not know, but now a new family seem to form. And between the bodies: a photo. Paul Maisonneuve, a retired police officer who now willy nilly back to work. Who digs up this dead on and put them down in model houses? And why? The young inspector Sandra Winckler is on the case put together with Maisonneuve in search of answers. And that must be somewhere in Paul’s past, that seems like its obvious.

Dark and unpredictable

Are you a fan of dark crime drama? Then Witnesses certainly have something for you! Think of a good scenario, a strong cast and an unpredictable plot.

In the leading roles: the acclaimed Thierry Lhermitte and the not so well-known , Marie Dompnier, a brilliant inspector drop it. Her Sandra Winckler, is a bitter agent with a difficult past, a problematic love life and a few odd traits.

Witnesses has a strong story and a good pace, and the series remains exciting until the end. The setting in Le Tréport is beautiful, with images of beautiful cliffs and a cable car (where you are, although, perhaps, not more dares if you like the series have seen).

The first season of the Witnesses includes six episodes and is now available to view with the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

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