Willem de Bruin ’reset’ after you quit, Opposites

0674bc358f96b3876a62a6ea5659bdb0 - Willem de Bruin ’reset’ after you quit, Opposites

William, also known as Willy, was for many years a duo with Twan van Steenhoven (Big2). Under the name The Opposites they won in 2014 the Popprijs and they scored many hits. Now Willem is busy with his first solo effort, but in the search of new success, he is not.

“The younger artists determine what the new sound is. They are always the succesvolst,” says Willem. “For me, now the question: I’m going to do something that already is, or I come up with something I believe in, something I want to carry out? My goal is not the same success if I had. I have a story I want to tell.”

Willem is then for the first time on the white cloth to see in the movie Catacombs. Herein he has the leading role to tackle.

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