Who was The Falling Man?

New York – today It is exactly 17 years ago, and one of the questions that always involved: who was the man in the iconic photo of the WTC building, jumped down to the ground during 9/11?

The photo was given the name ’Falling Man’. And for seventeen years is searching for his identity. After the first publication arose a fierce debate. Many readers of newspapers found the picture is still too painful, too confrontational, too shocking. A lot of the media decided the photo offline, to there in 2003, again attention to came.

The man was just like hundreds of others trapped in the Twin Towers in New York, where in the meantime a devastating fire had broken out. In the streets surrounding the towers and on television allowed hundreds of people to see how the people in the WTC towers to be no other way more saw than out of the windows to jump, dozens, sometimes hundreds of meters down.

Falling man

The Falling Man did this to 9 hours, 41 minutes and 15 seconds local time, according to the data of the photo when it was taken. On the photo he is silent, but in reality he was shot down and he fell as others; chaotic, spinning violently with the arms and legs moving. With a speed of almost 250 kilometers per hour, he would be a few seconds after the photo against the ground, smacking. No man that survives.

It is estimated that on that day about 200 people from the burning towers in New York city jumps. First, through the windows which by the slant of the plane and the fires break went, then beat yourself windows broken.


They jumped for the smoke to escape, they jumped to the fire escape, and jumped to not fall under the collapsing ceilings and floors. They jumped to one times to be able to breathe for they were about to die.

The jump lasted an average of 10 seconds. Some tried in vain with curtains that they had parachutes. One of the jumpers landed on the ground, a fireman, and then also died.

Forte Food

The Falling Man may be an employee of the Windows of the World restaurant, at the top of the north tower of the WTC. But it is possible he worked for the catering company, Forte Food.

One of the most mentioned names is that of Norberto Hernandez. Journalist Peter Cheney went with the photo to the family of Norberto. His brother and sister recognized him, but another family member and his wife deny that.

Jonathan Crossings

On a other photo of the Falling Man is made of, is to see that the man is a orange undershirt. And that links the picture to Jonathan, the Crossings. He worked just as Hernandez at Windows of the World.

Colleagues of the Crossings to believe that the falling man Jonathan is. That says his sister: her brother would asthma have had, and the suffocating smoke would be for him to jump forced. In addition, he wore so often an orange vest that his brother, Timothy him, there is often teased.

But real evidence of who the man in the iconic photograph, there are not.

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