Who needs to sing in Israel?

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If there is one Dutch artist, who the song Contest can win, then it is the 28-year-old Sharon Kovacs.

The following five artists/bands, we call on to sleep at the AVROTROS to report. For all candidates, in order to score, a well thought out idea with a memorable stage presence is important points to address.

1. Sharon Kovacs

If there is one Dutch artist, who the song Contest can win, then it is the 28-year-old Sharon Kovacs. Her voice alone already. That is so raw, deep and genuine. It sounds very international. Her music goes against the theatrical and cinematic. And visually, she is very strong. I hope that the quirky Kovacs, just like Anouk, to see that they have the song Contest for her own agenda. Namely, to convert for an international breakthrough in Europe which they themselves in one fell swoop on the map below. For international career, she has the basis in recent years. The song Contest may be the springboard for going to an even larger audience.

2. Chef’Special

Also the international ambitions of the Dutch band Chef’Special. Anyone ever been to a concert of the Dutch band is supposed to know: they know what it is to be an infectious live show to put down, with many thanks to the energy of frontman Joshua Nolet. The easy listening pop music of the group, with relatively high meezingfactor, moreover, is not a style bound. This Dutch secret is worth with the rest of Europe to share. Guaranteed to be a party.

3. Haevn

Haevn, I think, has not only with their lead singer, one of the most beautiful and distinctive voices in the house, but with their cinematic sound is also the possibility to put a (black?)-performance around it to build up that the viewer will take you on a journey like Jamala and The Common Linnets did it. Starting with the voice of singer Marijn van der meer without that he already comes into the picture, it would be a wonderful start. The Amsterdam duo is the kind of artists that without a lot of bells and whistles pure emotion beautiful can put. What strings and this can be a large audience appeal.

4. Wende Snijders

With the 39-year-old Wende Snijders the Netherlands has a golden trump card in the hands. If they are on the stage, is filled. Whether she is singing or other noises: escape is not possible. So intense. Cutters is a creative wonder that floats on its theatrical effect: it can be a performance a performance. Wende will make an impression and visual spectacle, mixing it with intelligent lyrics. Actually, they have everything.

5. Jim van der Zee

Jim van der Zee impressed on The Voice of Holland with his rendition of the English version of “Amar Pelos Dois’, the winning Songfestivallied of 2017. The 23-year-old Van der Zee with his deep, dark voice already in the first second, a sensitive atmosphere. Extravagance is not necessary. Van der Zee know sobriety is a new dimension. What concerns me is Van der Zee, together with violinist Niek Baar from the festival. Those two know a string to hit. Now it’s just a good and dreamy song. I’m sure there are composers ready to assist him.

Still a little afterburn:

The netherlands is full of talent. This list had like twenty artists. Other musicians that I was with a good song and a strong stage presence is also a call to the AVROTROS have to commit, among others, Glennis Grace, Alain Clark, Rondé, Moon, Wulf, Blaudzun, Dotan and Jan Smit. And oh, I have to Louis Scheer, do not forget. He was this year co-responsible for the Swedish entry and three years ago for the Australian. Thus he took a seventh and a fifth place. The Dutch producer has already indicated that he wants to now, an artist that with him in the deep end wants to jump. Maybe Jaap Reesema even contacts.

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