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VTM News turns resignation: Nicholas Lataire again editor-in-chief

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Nicholas Lataire, Thursday still was fired as editor-in-chief of the VTM News, now the news desk of the broadcaster lead. Even though he is now An Goovaerts next to him. That the management of Medialaan, ‘after careful consideration’ decided.

The return of Lataire was Tuesday on the nieuwsvloer of VTM, published by ceos Erwin Deckers and Dirk Lodewyckx, reports Medialaan, in a press release. That duo had last week, Thursday still on the same floor of the resignation of Lataire announced, along with that of director of News Kris Hoflack.

‘The last days are there in all serenity, open discussions have been held between people that are the best to have with each other, with VTM News and with Medialaan’, it sounds. “This constructive dialogue, to the decision of today’s led.’

‘An unlikely accumulation of events there last week to ensure that we are eye-to-eye came to stand with an impossible situation on our nieuwsvloer and in our company, responding ceos Deckers and Lodewyckx. “There had quickly and decisively intervened. A decision to reverse the painful situation of last week aside, you won’t be doing. We are very happy that Nicholas and isabel are the challenges from now on together to address. As one team, in all openness and with a lot of pride.”

Nicholas Lataire returns back to the VTM-news. ‘The last days a lot happened. We have open discussions and are now turning a page, ” he says according to the press release. “I see it, great to sit together with An as a single team the success story of VTM News to continue.’

Wrong throat

Last year, Lataire with Stef Wouters and some other journalists to the board of directors for the dismissal of director of News Kris Hoflack. Thursday night, in The Morning a e-mail from which thirteen journalists, among whom Each Pattyn, Julie Colpaert and Faroek Özgünes, and the management of the substantive choices of Lataire bureaucracy (without him by name).

Lataire was then fired, but that was in a different part of the editors in the wrong throat. At least three heavyweights on the editorial got to the board their dismissal. A large part of the editorial demanded that the management discharge of Lataire would withdraw. That has now happened.

Will Lataire now be assisted by An Goovaerts, that Friday by the VTM-management to for was pushed as a temporary editor-in-chief. She says that she is thrilled that the experience of Nicholas to remain on board ” and says forward to watching along with him the team from the VTM News.

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