The Dog plays klimaatshow for public swimming pool

Marc the Dog

In his third show asks The Dog, ‘ how is it that residents of a country that is largely below sea level, so little to worry about climate change: “If I go to a good horror movie go, I know that I’m not in danger am but I feel still unsafe. If it is about the warming of the Earth that is exactly the opposite: I know that it is extremely dangerous, but I don’t feel it.”

It seemed like the comedian is particularly the story once, tell it to Dutch people who are actually in the water. It is not the first time that The Dog has a special twist to the show. The premiere of his first show, in which he told about his spinal cord injury, he played in a room where the chairs were replaced by wheelchairs.

The official premiere is October 18 at Theater de Griffioen in Amstelveen.

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