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The case 1933p: Mysterious Bitcoin Wallet stays in motion

The case 1933p: Mysterious Bitcoin Wallet stays in motion

The price of Bitcoin fell on 5. September, the 7,000-US-Dollar-brand. To date, not recovered the market capitalization of the largest crypto-currency from this strong Dump. The search for reasons led to Goldman Sachs, then in the dark corners of the network. Now, there are new insights: On the trail of sick_silk and the Wallet 1933p.

Drops or the price of Bitcoin will rise within a short period of time dramatically, addiction, the Community quickly after reasons. Often there are announcements of companies or governments that have made new decisions, and thus the (perceived) safety of the investors influence the. So even when the last Dump: First of all, the message that Goldmann Sachs have abandoned the plans, a Trading Desk set up was there. How soon, was the message a duck. Nevertheless, there were some investors who responded to unsettled on the message, apparently, and offers for sale to the relevant Bitcoin exchanges.

The mysterious Bitcoin Wallet 1933p

But there was also another message, the power currently, especially on Reddit the round. It is the story of a mysterious Wallet in which was a goodly amount of 111.114,62 BTC. And in the sudden movement came. Some of the evidence that it is the Wallet of Dread Pirate Roberts, one of the moderators and the alleged operators around the DarkNet black market Silk Road. However, another candidate is suspected to be associated with the mysterious Wallet.

The current state

Briefly the facts: The Bitcoin address 1933phfhK3ZgFQNLGSDXvqCn32k2buXY8a (in the Following 1933p) originally contained 111.114 Bitcoin. Of your little more movement out of went up Recently, and since 2014, to the Unknown began to transfer Bitcoin on the exchanges, Bitfinex, Binance and BitMex. The previous analyses in addition to Dread Pirate Roberts and the Silk Road, to yet another Suspect: Mt.Gox.

Mt.Gox – Faster than the Bitcoin rocket

The history of Mt.Gox is quickly told and read with her up and down as the Bitcoin price over the last two years. In 2009, the Mt began.Gox as an exchange place for Magic the game cards (Mt.Gox stands for Magic: The Gathering Online eXchange), and increased a year later to Bitcoin. The Mt.Gox rocket moved since this time in the direction of the moon – in August 2013, 60 percent of the trade volume of Bitcoin on Mt.Gox handled. But that is where the rocket crashed then as soon as it was launched. Already on 28. February 2014 pending Mt.Gox at a Japanese district court of bankruptcy.

What had happened? Mark Karpelès in distress

Mark Marie Robert Karpelès, who emigrated in 2009 from France to Japan, where he founded the IT company Tibanne co. in Tokyo. With IT Know Mt and entrepreneurial skill to take, he acquired in 2011, the Bitcoin trading space.Gox. Three years later, there were apparently technical problems – Karpelès gave up his seat on the Board of Directors, after the stock market had set in February 2014, all payments – with 850,000 Bitcoin were gone. Some time later, revised Karpelès his statement – so there were suddenly “only” to 650,000 Bitcoin that were missing. Finally, Karpelès was detained by Bitcoins, each track was missing.

And all of a sudden the money was gone

Many users were put off – the money was gone. There was considerable doubt that it was actually just poor security measures, which justified the Absence of such a large Bitcoin amount right. Often quoted (and rarely confirmed) Insider reported significant security vulnerabilities, and poor organization within the company. Even the US Homeland Security have, therefore, against Mt.Gox identified here were the lack of licenses, the authorities ankreideten the company. However, The internal problems were much more serious. So, it turned out, ultimately, that the Hack was already in place for two years, until Mt.Gox finally decided to file for bankruptcy. The Funds had been transferred already for a long time on external Wallets. Supposedly the Private Keys on a file with the name “wallet.dat“ stored. To steal a Light was – whether it be for a Hacker or Insider. Suddenly, the Bitcoins were gone:

South Park – “…and it’s gone”

The case 1933p: Mysterious Bitcoin Wallet stays in motion Watch this Video on YouTube.

In March 2014, shortly after the stock market had set up all the payments were known to the company that you had found the 200,000 Bitcoin in an “old wallet”. These were initially held back, about the whereabouts nothing is apparently known.

Back in the present

Now there is the reverberation of this short story from the fast development of Mt.Gox still (at least) a Wallet, to a lot of Bitcoin. Whether you belong to hackers, corrupt officials, or Mark Karpelès itself is (at least here) is secondary. Time considered a remarkable connection here, however: It came to pass in those days, as Mt.Gox insolvency declaring that it was the last of the movements of the mysterious 1933p-Wallet. A further connection to Mt.Gox announced recently – so while the Wallet was again active – a System for examination of damages.

For the connection between 1933p and Mt.Gox from the Bitcoin security company WizSec (which was involved, among other things, the Transfer of Alexander Vinnik), on Twitter:

The mysterious Wallet and the price of Bitcoin

Whether Or Not Mt.Gox, Dread Pirate Roberts, an Insider, officials or other crooks: The movements of and on the Wallet are eye-catching. Ultimately, there were still some notable events, which coincide with the latest activities of the “1933p”:

  • There are a total of 100 million Tether were moved, while 1933p moved in about the same amount. At the same time you expected it to Reddit already an upcoming slide.
  • On BitMEX a 10,000 BTC buy order was abandoned, 8.030 from a Bitfinex Wallet. At the same time about the same amount of Bitcoin sent 1933p on Bitfinex.

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