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Stoffel Vandoorne on Singapore: “I’m squarely during this fantastic weekend”

b1d8e59604a6a4515839249afc440e49 - Stoffel Vandoorne on Singapore: "I'm squarely during this fantastic weekend"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne looks very hard to to be in Singapore again to race, a night race which is always a lot of spectacle.

“Last year was my first experience racing in Singapore and I really enjoyed it,” says Vandoorne back on last year. “It was there and in Malaysia that I get my best ever result in Formula 1 record, a seventh place.”

According to Vandoorne fits the car of McLaren, the MCL33, much better at the slower street circuit of Singapore over the past two races, with Spa-Francorchamps and Monza, two very fast circuits were held.

“It was a track that definitely the strong points of our package fits, more than other circuits. I am also hopeful that we have a positive weekend ahead of us in which we have a better speed, and the battle with our competitors to enter into.”

Last week it became known that Stoffel Vandoorne after this season, racezitje at McLaren loses. For Vandoorne does not, however, affect his motivation during the remaining races.

“Even though I look very hard for the future now that I know that I next season, not for McLaren will be racing, I stay at the same time 100 percent dedicated to everything to give during the remaining races this season. Both the team and myself are pushing very hard to get the best possible results with the resources that we possess. It is certainly not over yet.”

“Racing in Singapore last year was an incredible experience and I look forward to do it again. To the race weekend, according to European time is one of the cool things about this race weekend and it is truly a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else on the calendar experience. Let us hope that we have a positive weekend for the fans to experience,” concluded Vandoorne.

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