State of emergency in Zimbabwe after 20 choleradoden

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Cholera is raging for the past few weeks in Zimbabwe, but today the government has the state of emergency have to say after twenty deaths were cases in the capital. The cause of the cholera outbreak is the lack of potable water.

The Zimbabwean government has declare a state of emergency for cholera prevailed in the capital, Harare, after twenty people had died from the disease and 2,000 others it infected. “We are proud to announce a state of emergency to Harare. That way we can have cholera, typhoid and other diseases which rage, contain it. We don’t want any new deaths, ” says minister of Health Obadiah Moyo.

The city council of Harare has more than ten years of effort to potable water supply to some suburbs, so residents must rely on water from public wells.

The latest cholera outbreak was due to broken sewers in some of the suburbs. Because of this there was contaminated water in the wells quite rightly, said Moyo.

The minister of health has the sale of meat and fish in the affected suburbs is prohibited. In some schools, the classes are even suspended.

Finally, the government has asked the United Nations and some private companies for potable water supply.

An epidemic of cholera in 2008 in Zimbabwe took more than a year and cost more than 4,000 lives. Only came to an end after the international groups had helped and medications and water conditioners were delivered.

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