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Share post: investors despite a weak Bitcoin year rather bullish

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That crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are bends in the course of the year, more than 60 percent, change for most customers, the investment company share of post-nothing on the bullish Outlook on the entire crypto market. Even institutional investors in the survey cautiously optimistic.

The second share post-survey paints an optimistic picture of the mood of the investors. Although the current year currencies, at least from a price perspective, for most Crypto at all is successful, want to raise a majority of the respondents, the crypto-shares in the coming twelve months. In the survey the investment company a total of 2.490 share post have participated in customers as well as 528 accredited investors.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP at the most popular

Among the respondents, the overwhelming majority were hodlen Bitcoin. It Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin will follow on the places two, three and four. The participants attested to this crypto-currencies, the best prospect of long-term success. In particular, Bitcoin has achieved a strong increase in investor interest compared to the last survey. So, 78 percent of investors currently look positive on Bitcoin. This is an increase of 30 percent compared to the last survey in January, 2018.

Ensure Children: Volatility, Security

In the next twelve months, 59 of the investors surveyed, and 72 percent of the private customers want to increase their shares in the crypto sector. However, only 57 percent of the investors and 66 percent of customers expect that crypto-currencies are going to experience in the course of the year significant rate increases. The reasons for this cautious approach are well-known in the crypto space.

Because of the very high volatility of crypto-Assets, which was only last week, again, the prices of the Coins and the angle of the mouth of the Hodler slipping. Fifty percent of the respondents in the volatility of some of the core problems of Bitcoin & co. 37% stated security concerns as their biggest worry in terms of the crypto market.

Half of the survey participants still reported missing concrete use cases for the Blockchain technology. The respondents have become somewhat more restrained, in terms of the mass adaptation of the Blockchain technology: 51% expected participants in the January survey for the 2020. In the current survey, only 27 of the 100 surveyed are convinced of this schedule. Now the year 2025 is considered as a realistic date for the wedding of the Blockchain and the Mainstream.

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