’Queen Elizabeth fled to the bushes for Romanian dictator’

696f2f83d7c33e515837729018d2211c - ’Queen Elizabeth fled to the bushes for Romanian dictator’

The queen had no choice. The government of James Callaghan wanted the aircraft to sell to Romania, that for the eye of the world an independent course seemed to sail from the Soviet Union. Ceausescu was also the first communist leader who is on a state visit arrived in London.

The Queen was warned in advance by the French president to valuables away to get out of the apartment in Buckingham Palace where the presidential couple would be staying. Otherwise they would probably just as before in Paris had happened unsolicited ’souvenirs’ to take home. It was in that spirit also that the by Hardman described event occurred.

Bloody coup

Elizabeth wanted as little as possible to do with her Romanian guests, who they are at Victoria Station had picked up. When they are on the second day of the visit with her dogs through the garden ran, and the Romanian couple later saw walking up them away behind the bushes to by them, not to be seen.

Ceausescu ruled until 1989, when he by a bloody coup was deposed and after a brief show trial visit was made. For Elizabeth was the forced reception is extra painful because the communists deposed Romanian king Mihai of a relative that was on her marriage had been.

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