Predator-colleagues standing behind Olivia Munn

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Also, Sterling K. Brown supports Olivia Munn

Boyd Holbrook is proud of The Predator-colleague Olivia Munn. The actress protested at the studio of Fox, because the film is a castlid was adopted that ever been convicted of a sexual offence. This Steven Wilder Striegel was from The Predator cut.

“I offer my apologies for this late statement”, wrote Boyd. “I take what has happened is not light on and I wanted to be as honest and sincere as possible to speak. I did this before let me know and I’ll say it again: I am proud of Olivia for the way she has with these difficult and worrying situation is dealt with, and grateful that Fox the information seriously and swift action has been taken.

The actor in question was in 2010 sentenced to a half cell because of the attempts of a 14-year-old girl online to persuade to perform sexual acts.

Olivia showed this weekend during the film festival of Toronto to Variety to know that, after her report in mid-August took a few days before they got a reply from Fox. Also she said there that she is little support felt by her colleagues. Sterling K. Brown sent to her via Twitter a message: “I hope that you are not left in the lurch feeling. You’ve done what was correct.”

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