Popularity Macron once again takes a dive

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President Macron can the French not convince of his policies. In February dropped his populariteitscijfers to an all-time low, now he breaks that sad record again.

A battery of polls monthly basis the popularity of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. And that has during the summer, again a dive taken, as appears from a survey of Odoxa. Macron is at its lowest level since may of 2017 president.

Only 29 percent of the surveyed French people stands behind the policy of Macron. That is a record low. Seven out of ten French people have a negative opinion about their head of state.

The popularity of Macron was in July, already damaged by the affair-Benalla. That revolved around video footage of one of his personal bodyguards, Alexandre Benalla, where he was in police uniform, a protester in turn. At the end of July was the popularity of Macron, according to the institute, Ipsos, four percentage points decreased. “The Benalla affair has had a real impact, but there is no question of a break in the opinions,” said Frédéric Dabi, president of If, when. “Despite the media attention, the main criticism of the French is still that of economic and social nature. That he is the president of the rich is, that he is an unjust policy, etc.’

In August the departure of the popular minister of the Environment Nicolas Hulot and minister of Sport Laura Flesselles ever be able to play in the declining popularity of the president.

Former presidents

The popularity of Macron sits for a while it was descending. He, a former banker, is and remains for many French people the president of the rich.

The former socialist president François Hollande could have a year after his election is still 27 percent of his subjects delight, Nicholas Sarkozy is still 38 percent. Macron stood at 32 percent.

Hollande is widely known as a not so popular president. He wanted a “normal” president, unlike his predecessor, the ‘bling’-president Nicolas Sarkozy. He saw his popularity by 20 percentage points rising after the attacks in Paris on 13 november 2015.

Still, it was a president never been less popular than François Hollande. In October 2016, it found only 4 percent of the French people that Hollande’s ‘doing well’. Then it was Hollande’s four years in power.

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