Pieces of Italian bridge down

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L’AQUILA – a bridge Of a highway in the Italian L’aquila are pieces of concrete loose. The chunks came Monday night on a road under the highway, but no one was injured, reported news agency ANSA.

Last month, a collapsed bridge in Genoa. Since then, there are worries about the Italian infrastructure.

According to the authorities is the damage to reinforced concrete caused by corroded steel. The administrator of this route is motorway approximately 80 km north-east of Rome, Strada dei Parchi, let it be known that there is no material damage is caused to the bridge over the San Giacomo viaduct is called. That will be after extensive safety tests service continue to do so.


In mid-August plunged a crucial autosnelwegbrug in the west of Genoa. It lost 43 lives. The collapse of the Morandibrug in the famous port city on the concern about the state of the infrastructure in Italy to increase.

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