Paul McCartney and John Lennon masturbated together

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

In an interview with GQ says Paul McCartney (76) about a number of sexual experiences. “We were with a group at John’s home and instead of that, we were getting drunk and were partying, we were all just on chairs. The lights were off and someone started to masturbate, so we did all of that,” he explains.

Brigitte Bardot

And it didn’t stop there. Instead of that there is a somewhat uneasy arose, decided that the five men together to encourage names to be summoned for the ’desired effect’ could provide. Among other things, the name of Brigitte Bardot was frequently called. Lennon knew the atmosphere, however, soon to ruin by the name of Winston Churchill to name a few.

“It was not much, we were also not really quiet. Yes, it was maybe a little weird if you think about it. But there are so many things where you afterwards wonder why you’re such a thing have done. It was all very innocent. I have no one hurt, even Brigitte Bardot.”


And as if he with this story yet not enough about his sex life has told, retrieves McCartney is also the reminder to the time that he almost participated in an orgy. “When we came for a tour in Las Vegas, asked us if we had a need for a prostitute.” According to the singer responded everyone is enthusiastic, and he asked himself to two ladies of pleasure. “I got them and it was a great experience. But closer to an orgy than that, I’ve never come.”

Also claps Paul further from the school about Lennon. He suspects that John that night a wilder experience. “I think John however loved. I also remember that he was once someone in a club had met, and he along with him to his home was gone, because his wife was a fan of John and have sex with him wanted to have. So that’s what happened and the man watched. At that time, was that kinky. John, I think, has a lot more experienced than I am.”

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