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Paris Saint-German is the official Socios member

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Paris Saint-German is the official Socios member

Home News Paris Saint-German is the official Socios member

Matthias Nemack –
11 Tuesday 2018

In the early summer of this year, the market had been announced the introduction of the Blockchain platform Socios. Starting in September, the provider wants to establish itself well in the market. And the beginning of a first success. Because of the success-drenched French football club Paris Saint-Germain opted to membership of the Community.

Socios as part of a new crypto sector

Promptly PSG is now an active participant in the digital platform. Thus, the French see themselves once again in the leading role. All alone PSG is not with his involvement in the crypto-world. Because in the past few months, there were always messages through soccer clubs and other sports teams are increasingly turning to crypto-currencies. In part, players ‘ salaries should be at least paid out Pro rata in digital currencies. In the case of other Clubs Fans, buy Ethereum or money in Bitcoin can invest cards, your digital “Money” for the purchase of merchandise or admission.

Socios wants to connect Sport and the digital world more

Socios itself now starts with a fresh and proudly advertises with the prestigious member of the PSG. The new platform describes itself as the “Official Branded Cryptocurrency Partner” of the Paris club. Here, too, the seemingly long-term cooperation refers to activities in the direct Fan-contact.

What is it exactly?

PSG supporters in the future to buy special Tokens. These Coins bring to the owners later, a certain right of co-determination with a view to the Club Management. In addition, buyers of the not well-known crypto-currencies can regularly special rewards secure. Socios is aiming for further strategic partnerships with other Clubs and wants to go new ways in the field of (sports) Entertainment. PSG is the first but maybe not last Ligue 1 Club, who discovered the opportunities of the Blockchain with this Partner.

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