’NPO took the decision to end Focal length+’

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Aart Zeeman, presenter, Focus+

That has a spokesperson of KRO-NCRV reported. The impending end of Focal length+ was already mid-June reported, when the editors of the impending stop of the program was informed. NPO then suggested strongly ’no formal decision to have taken. NPO-boss French Small suggested two weeks ago with terminal ’is not going to cut down on journalistic programs.

A spokesman of NPO let Tuesday know that that still applies. “Net, we don’t cut back on journalism,” he says. “But we are going to have accents of physics. Focus+ can be in a form other best continue. Broadcasters decide for themselves whether they continue with a program or not.”

The spokesman of KRO-NCRV denies this strongly: “The NPO is about placement in the schedule and the money. The NPO has no more room for Focal point+ in the schema 2019. That also means that there is no funding for the program.”


On the question of what the ’new accents’ in the journalistic direction of the Public service Broadcaster will be, the spokesman of NPO no answer. “That we have to program content to go learn.”

The editors of Focal length+ left in June already know, furious about the shooting of the program in January came from the old program Focal point. The editors put now, such as NPO wanted, more on multimedia journalism and “the big topics of the modern society.” From all sides gave the program high praise for this translation with verve was carried out.

Journalistenvakbond NVJ called NPO and KRO-NCRV Tuesday on quickly to the table to sit down for talks about the 40 million that the cabinet extra would have been allocated to the Public Broadcaster.

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