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Motorcyclist who brake a competitor dichtkneep draws his conclusions: “I think it’s over, goodbye”

Moto2 rider Romano Fenati has his retirement from the motorsport announced. The 22-year-old Italian made it last weekend to fur in the Grand prix of San Marino.

The driver crashed during the race at the circuit of Misano on a straight piece next to his fellow countryman Stefano Manzi drive and pushed the brake in of the engine from Manzi, which is thereby momentarily off balance, fell, but remained. Marinelli Snipers, the current team of Fenati, dismissed the Italian immediately. MV Agusta, the team where he is after this season would go for a drive, let him know that he is with them no longer welcome.

“I think it’s over, goodbye”, explains Fenati Tuesday in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“I always went to the track to win. To Romano Fenati. But I realize that nobody gives me, to the pain that I currently have. So it is better to have a point behind my career.”

According to Fenati, that is to say, very impulsive, there were earlier in the race been a few incidents with Manzi.

“He struck me three times, and had me also may kill. The latest incident happened 500 metres for my reaction. I thought to do the same to him to show that I mean. But I swear to you, I was never going to make him an injury.”

Fenati finished last year second in the championship of the Moto3 and earned promotion to the Moto2. He won ten GP’s in the light class. In the heavier class Moto2, the Italian, who already often reckless behavior is accused, this year show little. He is nineteenth in the standings.

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