Maradona wants to be with a clean slate begin: “I am 14 years old have been sick’

“I want Dorados to give what I lost when I was ill”, he said according to het Nieuwsblad the 200 journalists present, referring to his drug use in the past. “I was 14 years old ill. Now I want to see the sun, I want the night to bed. I even went to never go to bed. I didn’t even know what a kiss was. Therefore, I have the offer of Dorados accepted.”

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Maradona is the largest

Maradona threw his heart on the table, but his story was not always coherent: “People can have many things to say, but I went downhill, I ate myself, it was a step backwards, and football is a step forward. That has all changed thanks to my daughters,” he said. “Now, I focus myself completely on the football and I want to stay long.”

Heart and soul

He continues: “I’m not here for a walk or for a holiday. I am here to work with heart and soul to work,” he declared, although El Diego does not want that he is considered the savior of Mexican soccer. Dorados de Sinaloa dangles are currently at the bottom of the Mexican second division, they then ’Fell’ so a heavy task.

Maradona grinned when he Dorados-sweater with his old number 10 received and joked with journalists that he was ready to ’any song to sing that you wish.” He also told me that he proposals had been rejected by the presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela are friends of Evo Morales and Nicolas Maduro, to their national teams to coach.


Maradona, who in 1986 with Argentina, the world cup won, there is not yet successful as a coach his successes as a player to repeat. From 2008 to 2010 he was the national coach of Argentina. Then coached ’Fluffling’ Al-Wasl (2010-2012) and Al-Fujairah (2017-2018) in the United Arab Emirates. In may of this year, he put his signature under a three-year contract with the belarusian Dinamo Brest.

Currently, Dorados de Sinaloa 13th in the Mexican second division (15 clubs).

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