Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish get sued

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Bosworth and Polish would infringe on the culture of the choctaw native americans

Kate Bosworth and her director and husband Michael Polish are faced with a lawsuit about their film Little Brother of War.

The project focuses on the Mississippi Band of choctaw native americans who are competing in stickball competitions, and producers accuse Polish of the command of the recording to an infringing, unauthorized to make the film.

According to The Blast were the producers a strenuous doorlichtings and application process earlier this year unlimited access to MBCI’s stickbalwedstrijden in the reserves. They assured the tribesmen that they are the rich cultural history and traditions around the matches would honor.

However, producers claim that Polish, which is the film directed, a contract with two cameramen closed to the images to command.

The filmbazen are now concerned that their film, which Bosworth as a producer occurs, the MBCI members and the culture without their permission will exploit all for personal enrichment and profit.

The producers ask a judge to give them until the owners of the images, to appoint and instruct to Polish to transfer them. They also require up to 1 million dollars in damages.

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