Italy in a panic: national team in deep crisis

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Manuel Lazzari and Federico Chiesa dripping off after the defeat against Portugal

Monday night lost to a weak Italy are the second team contest of the Nations League with 1-0 in Portugal, making it just one match from its last nine parties could win: only a oefenpot against Saudi Arabia was a profit to close.

The 1-0 defeat on Monday night on a visit to Portugal is the umpteenth consecutive blow that La Squadra Azzurra to process. The neerwaarste spiral began in november last year when Italy are in the play-offs for the world cup showed ringeloren by Sweden. “Swedish curse”, is said to La Gazzetta dello Sport. “The goal from Johansson, the door to the hell of the Italian football on november 10, 2017 opened. Since that contest in Sweden, Italy is in a deep crisis subsided.”

Cold shower

Italy missed for the first time in sixty years, a soccer world cup. 2018 released so far is anything but an improvement. A defeat against Argentina (2-0) and a draw (1-1) against England in march. A narrow victory (2-1) against Saudi-Arabia in the first international match under Mancini in may, followed by a defeat against France (3-1) and a draw against the Netherlands (1-1) in June. All strong opponents, but it did Italy have to slide to 21st place in the FIFA world rankings. The worst ranking in the history of Italy. “We are now really deep down.”

“The arrival of Mancini has not yet for a turnaround can provide”, according to La Gazetta. “Against Saudi Arabia was not convincing, against a dominant France, we got a lesson of the future world champion. The start of the Nations League would make clear to us, or we could hope for a revival of our national team, but in the last of these, we got a double cold shower.”


Italy opened the Nations League with a 1-1-tie against Poland. “But that we had mainly due to two great rescues of Gigio Donnarumma. By the tie if especially Poland tekortgedaan feel.”

Monday came the second disappointment: a risky 1-0 defeat against a Portugal without Ronaldo. “Despite the tactical change and nine new basisspelers was the same scenario. Italy played slowly and predictably, and sometimes it was a plaything of the opponents. The end result was even higher may incur as Donnarumma and Romagnoli not on his toes had been. Summarized: zero wins in four official matches and only one success in the last nine contests. From Sweden underwent Italy is a nightmare!”

With less than one in six in the Nations League threatens even the relegation from Division A. “These are not friendly pots that you can use to try things out. If you go to Division B goes down, you need to against lesser opponents. And then again you have to shrink.”

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