Head of German security service now says that images of violence in Chemnitz yet authentic

4177ee4f17a15cac1f6e5f7d300b727c - Head of German security service now says that images of violence in Chemnitz yet authentic

The head of the German domestic security agency Hans-Georg Maassen, would, according to German daily papers are statements about the authenticity of a video about the extreme right-wing violence in Chemnitz relativized. Maassen does not dispute the longer that the images are authentic.

Maassen has, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung written a letter to Horst Seehofer (CSU), minister of the Interior, in which he declares that the video still has not been tampered with. Extreme right-wing demonstrators would thus actually foreigners have been attacked in Chemnitz. However, says Maassen that his earlier statements ” error is interpreted. According to Maassen, he had only been doubt expressed about the fact whether or not there is a real, organised manhunt was being held.

Also Der Spiegel writes that Maassen not disputed that the video really is. Sources from its environment to say that he ‘only’ is critical for the rapid spread of the video in the major media. That would not be serious, because no one, according to him, at that moment you could assess who was the source of the video and whether that really was.

Maassen said to the newspaper Bild last week that his service is not about information that would prove that extreme right-wing protesters after the violent death of a German man in Chemnitz a ” raid on foreigners’ kept. Thus he spoke to German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and government spokesman Steffen Seibert.

Sharp criticism

Maassen also said that there was no evidence that a video on the internet circulated, showing how men of foreign origin alone-be is authentic.

For those statements, he received sharp criticism. On Alternative für Deutschland and the CSU of Seehofer after, the names of all parties offended by the doubts of Maassen. Tuesday said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the secretary-general of the CDU and vertrouwensvrouw of Angela Merkel – that it is not fit that someone in his position such statements without evidence, to lay it on the table. The critics of Maassen want that he on Wednesday in the parliament reports.

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