Groeneveld hopes on the ’big’ Orange

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Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld

The rechtsbenige left, who by his Nigerian mother also for the African country can come true, spoke earlier in this newspaper, and his preference for the Dutch national team. Nigeria is definitely ’plan B’ for Groeneveld, who says, ” no ten year wait’ on Orange, but know that he has an invitation from coach Ronald Koeman completely in their own hands. “I have to self-enforce,” says Groeneveld. “I can say that I really like to go to the ‘big’ Orange wants to, but as I’m not good enough to play, it is my own fault. I am someone who is primarily self-focused. I make sure that I at Club Brugge doing well against Scotland, I must here again be of value.”

’I have the qualities’

What separates it from the Dutch national team? “I think it’s only minutes,” says Groeneveld, who, after his summer move from NEC at a breakneck pace has adapted to the intensity of the top Belgian. There they sprinkle with compliments to his address. “I think the trend to tackle, and anyone that stands out. The more competitions I go to play, the more people I can convince that I can be of value for the Dutch national team.”

Groeneveld is convinced of himself, without arrogance. “I always speak out what I think, sometimes, that of negativism, but I think I have the qualities have to be of value for Orange. There I believe, but it is not now that I think of it: it is a pity that I wasn’t there. The first contest to which I look, is that against Young Scotland. Let’s first win at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS yet.”

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