Glennis Grace wanted another number for semi-finals

Glennis Grace

It is still not known what number Glennis is going to sing, but she is very happy with it. “We had a number chosen. Everyone found it crazy and beautiful. When I heard what she had made and I was not so impressed. I was suddenly very much in doubt.”

So there was a new number for Glennis to be figured out. The choice finally fell on a song that is already on its was presented, but what she did not like. “Then he went for it one more time for me to run and then I found it suddenly completely crazy. I thought it was so beautiful. It is beautiful.”

What they did during the semi-finals are going to carry, it is also still secret. In fact, they don’t know even where they are on the stage will stand. “It is still not clear what I’m going to pull,” laughs Glennis. “I’ve asked or the less boring this time.”

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