Feyenoord-goalkeeper insulted by Jong Oranje

Justin Bijlow went ugly in the error on The Vijverberg.

“Of course I dedicate this to myself. It started today at my error. Therefore, we came into a difficult situation. I have in the dressing room even sorry said to the boys,” said the Feyenoord goalie in conversation with FOX Sports.

“There was a twijfelmoment between me and Pablo Rosario”, described Bijlow the tegengoal. “I had previously. Finally, I wanted to hit the ball with my inside play, but I hit him wrong and the ball landed in the feet of the striker, who from afar, touch your lap.”

It took afterwards, just before Bijlow for the camera appeared. “I have the time in the dressing room just played in my head. On the field I had forgotten and me to focus, but now I had a rouwmomentje. For the rest, I have today little to do, but that is also difficult to goalkeeping.”

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