Fear for more than a hundred dead after shipwreck on the Mediterranean Sea

c7d230f7f382cf65c184dc478c92da67 - Fear for more than a hundred dead after shipwreck on the Mediterranean Sea

When a new accident in the Mediterranean Sea may be more than one hundred persons to life come from Libya with rubberbootjes the crossing, ventured to Europe. That says Doctors without Borders Monday night, on the basis of the testimonies of survivors who go to Libya to be transferred.

The accident is already the beginning of september happened. The 276 survivors were on 2 september by the Libyan coastguard rescued and returned to the country in civil war. They would leave on 1 september in Libya in two small boats, says Doctors without Borders. One of the boats had engine trouble. The other, with 165 adults and 20 children on board, touched leak. Just a few of the passengers had life jackets.

It is not the first time that aid agencies are critical of the return of people to Libya, in particular since the conflict there strikes. Since the fall of the Libyan dictator Gaddafi, in 2011 fight rival groups for power. The influence of the internationally recognized government extends little further than Tripoli. Libya is the main transit country for persons from Africa to Europe want to migrate.

The crossing of the Mediterranean Sea is considerable and become more dangerous, according to the International Migratieorganisatie. This year, all of 1.560 persons to the accident or missing hit on the sea route between Libya and Italy.

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