‘European Parliament conducts a witch hunt against Hungary

A collection of lies. This is how the Hungarian government to the critical report by the European Parliament today and tomorrow bends.

The European Parliament should today be a very combattieve Viktor Orban expect. That showed his spokesman Zoltan Kovacs in Brussels yesterday understand.

The Hungarian prime minister to come to Strasbourg to defend themselves against the report of the Dutch Green Mep Judith Sargentini. She comes to the conclusion that democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights are threatened in Hungary. Therefore, calls Sargentini member states to the procedure under article 7 of the Treaty to boot. That can lead to the suspension of hungary’s voting rights in Eu ministerial councils.

“This is a desperate attempt by the left-liberal politicians and political groups for migration to a tribunal against Hungary. This is a witch hunt’, says Kovacs. “When you go to the facts look, you can see that it is a collection of lies. It is a politically motivated report for the Hungarian position on immigration.’

The Hungarian government sailed into a document of 150 pages ready to report Sargentini to deconstruct. So does the Dutch, according to Kovacs to numerous cases that in the meantime by the European Commission without a result were closed.

The report leads to division within the European people’s Party, which the Fidesz party of Orban belongs to. A significant group of Meps, including the CD&V’ers, Ivo Belet and Tom Vandenkendelaere, will report votes (DS-september 8). But Kovacs excludes Orban, the EPP, the back will turn: “instead of the EPP to leave, we want our positions to spread it further so that the EPP is the largest political group can continue.’

Polish veto?
Kovacs reiterated that the illegal migration to the EU must be stopped. “If Australia can do it, so can we.” Of a dispersion of flights plan between member states, or resettlement of refugees in Europe want to Orban not to know, because this ‘projects are pro migration’, says Kovacs. “Try us, not something to force where 80 percent of the population opposed.”

Worry about an activation of the famous article 7 makes the Hungarian government is not, says Kovacs. This is unanimity within the European Council. Poland may veto bets to Orban to protect and as a favour to prove: the Hungarian prime minister promised his veto to use in the pending procedure under article 7 against Poland.

“But who is attacking, is Hungary, and offends the Hungarian population”, warned Kovacs.

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