Ernst Daniël Smid is working on a piece about ’bejaardenseks’

Ernst Daniël Smid

“We are now in the script writing. It’s about aging and sexuality, about how older people experience. No kabbelvoorstelling, but a controversial piece in which we taboos are going to break about bejaardenseks”, says Ernst Daniel. According to him, that taboos are still in full swing. “If your kids see you hug, say they Need that?’. But as they lie on the couch with their boyfriend or girlfriend, should you, as a parent, all but like it.”

Ernst Daniël will soon be back on tv. For a new program he is going together with Marco Bakker and Ron Brandsteder on a trip on an electric motor by Denmark. “On the way, is the theme 65-plus central: how to become old, what do you expect, are you going things take? Therein we are very honest, but it must of course be nice to look at.”

’Big child’

The baritone would think with the program a lot about his own life. “I’ve not often been alone,” he says. Last summer saw Ernst Daniël his relationship with Aly beaches. “When I think that I in my own the train to Paris would take only a drink would sit… Then you’re going to die anyway?”

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Ernst Daniël Smid starts new life

“I’m much rather be with someone together. Actually I am a big child at the hand of someone by the life led. Since a few weeks, I have had that wisdom made”, says the singer. “I must not look back, but look ahead. And think: what am I going to make?”

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