EBU: “No conversations about boycott Israel”

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There are no discussions about a possible boycott of Israel, as the organizer of the Eurovision song contest in 2019. That the European broadcasting union, EBU (European Broadcasting Union) today announced, following an open letter from the world of culture.

The Israeli singer Netta won in may’s Eurovision song contest in Portugal with her song “Toy”. As a result, the competition in may 2019 in Israel.

Dozens of prominent people from the world of culture to the organisation of the Eurovision song contest in Israel said. As grounds for the boycott are violations of human rights by Israel against the Palestinians called. In the letter of Friday, the EBU called on the event in a different country to take place.

“The Eurovision song contest has been for many years an a-political show that spectators and countries need to bring together”, this is in dane communication from the EBU.

To the signatories of the letter, on the website of the British newspaper The Guardian appeared, include Roger Waters, co-founder of the group Pink Floyd, the film directors Ken Loach, Aki Kaurismäki and Mike Leigh, actress Julie Christie and musician Brian Eno. Also the Belgian artists, including singer Helmut Lotti, are on the list of names under the letter.

All members of the EBU have until October the time for their participation in the liedjeswedstrijd to confirm.

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