Dries Roelvink enjoy of Paradriso’

4fc38675067f33aa600421f9a865ca4c - Dries Roelvink enjoy of Paradriso’

“I have a bit of a ‘day after’feeling. I sit still for a moment to enjoy. It was one of the most beautiful nights of my life. You was there, another you might say that the exaggeration was,” said the singer against Sven Kockelmann in the program 1 on 1, which Dries a radiocolumn. “The room exploded almost.”

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Sinking can Dries is back at home in his house in the P. C. Hooftstraat. “The recordings for Effe geen cent te compelling to sit on it,” says the singer.

The past month lived Dries with his family in a bijstandswoning in Amsterdam-North, and he had in terms of expenditure with a benefit. From september 26th forward SBS6 the subsequent adventures of the Roelvinkjes.

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