Copy of Wikipedia takes Spanish minister, the head

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The Spanish Health minister Carmen Montón has her resigned. The socialite, would during her studies have been guilty of plagiarism, and obtained, therefore, unlawful her diploma.

She has the plagiarism is not known, but says that she is stepping down ‘to the government not to damage’. The position of Montón was no longer tenable after new revelations in the Spanish media. Her thesis would be complete passages contain directly from the internet picked were unveiled tv-channel La Sexta earlier today.

It comes to sections of other dissertations and theses, or even of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. They left it at a hint that they that passages had been written. In 19 of the 52 pages of her thesis were irregularities established.

In a first reaction loved Montón by way of her spokesperson is still insisting that there was nothing going on. According to her, there was a bad citation, but the conclusions had no impact, as it sounded initially. The minister received her degree in 2011.

Second dismissal

Prime minister Pedro Sánchez had just after the eruption of the scandal even his trust in Montón confirmed, and its acclaimed because of her work at the department of public Health. After the leaking of details about the fraud he accepted her resignation.

Mónton is already the second minister from the government of Sánchez, who is stepping down. Minister of Culture, Màxim Huerta had, in June, after six days to resign after it appeared that he was condemned for tax fraud.

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