Cillessen is not mutiny at Barça

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Jasper Cillessen

“And I’m not so in to each other and then my ass against your heels to throw. I have with my full mind, a five-year contract is signed. And I am of the opinion that if you choose this option, you also respect the current position of the club must have. It is not a punishment to sit here, but I do want to play more. And that they know at the club,” said the goalkeeper of Orange, who still dreams of a permanent place among the Barça-lat.

“It is important to me that I go play. And preferably Barcelona, but as there does not seem to be, then we should view other options. I can still first goalie and that is my goal.” Laughing: “But Marc-André (Rose, eds.) can also of something.”

So for now it is train, train, train and hope to have a chance. “Yes, of course, gives also confidence that the club is currently in. You can better this, than that they say: ’Go away’.”

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