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Chinese crypto trading defies Prohibited – such As stock exchanges, the statutory barriers to bypass

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Despite the high level of legal restrictions and prohibitions, the Chinese crypto-trade continues to grow briskly. More and more exchanges can find strategies to circumvent the hurdles of the authorities and thereby resist the threat of penalties.

That there are crypto exchanges are not in the realm of the middle, at the latest since the fall of 2017 is known. It is now about a year Beijing had created tough compared to the uncontrolled money market in the country and the operation of the exchanges short-hand prohibited. However, currencies in China, enjoy Crypto as popular as ever – this is the business of the stock exchanges continue to flourish.

Because, as the South China Morning Post reported, now, to tarnish due to the legal barriers and prohibitions in the business of Chinese crypto trader only. Rather, more and more exchanges detours and strategies find to go to the authorities out of the way.

The operators would resort to a variety of tools. On the one hand, such trading platforms would be set, instead of operating the business under a new name and Domains. One strategy is to use foreign servers as well as your business officially abroad.

An example of this is the former Chinese market leader, OKCoin and Huobi. Like BTC-ECHO, last November, reported that these well OKEx and Huobi Pro and operate out of Hong Kong. Smaller exchange providers, however, would control their operation from the country, according to the Post.

On the other hand, more and more Chinese exchanges would demoralize her business discreetly and instead on so-called Peer-to-Peer solutions. The stock exchange only provides the buyer and the seller. The act, in turn, to each other and rely on the services of payment systems like AliBaba’s subsidiary Ant Financial, and foreign exchanges. For the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies, the Chinese Yuan is converted into the value of a stable crypto-currency Tether to be concealed so as to complete the transaction.

VPN Connections as a worm hole

In addition, exchanges would use so-called Virtual Private Networks (VPN), in order to remain undetected and blocked access to foreign Websites. In August, the Chinese state media announced, to a total of more than 120 foreign crypto exchanges for the users of Chinese networks lock. With VPN Connections, such a Lock can handle.

Under VPN refers to Internet connections that hide the true IP addresses of the network participants, by forwarding the data traffic over a variety of server systems. Currently, such obfuscation are not prohibited systems in China.

Although it is stated in the article, Chinese authorities are quite capable of, the blurred traces of the trace. Nevertheless, such investigations, especially in the mass business are complex and thus not very effective.

Experts agree is impossible: Erase of the crypto-trade

Rather, the latest attacks in Beijing could harm only those companies really something that would have announced a relocation abroad, but still based in China, explains about crypto-stock exchange operator Terence Tsang. Although it is stated in the article, it could be dampened by the warnings in the short term, the interest of particular industry newcomers. A complete Erase of the Chinese stock exchanges, in turn, is, however, difficult to achieve.

According to the assessments of numerous experts, it was almost impossible for the Chinese crypto-trade to curb. Nevertheless, trade with crypto remains a dance of the currencies in the middle Kingdom on the razor blade, and anything other than risk-free. Once the illegal crypto-trade is to be transferred does not threaten the defendants, according to Chinese law, only up to five years in prison. The trade is designed as a financial fraud, the sentence is “life” – by 2015, the death penalty was even possible.

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