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“Bitcoin ETF comes by itself” – Roger Ver exclusive Interview

7ca41f22623d77e34e15990ba638d6c6 - "Bitcoin ETF comes by itself" – Roger Ver exclusive Interview

Roger Ver is considered to be an Early Adopter, he was there at the beginning in the Bitcoin network. BTC-ECHO met him on the Blockchain Cruise in person for an Interview. The Bitcoin-Cash-an advocate about Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, Bitcoin, Cash, ETF, individual freedom, and the scaling debate.

Bobby Lee has also confirmed in his Keynote Speech that Bitcoin Cash is in his opinion closer to Satoshi’s original Vision of Bitcoin. Try also you the Community for a year. Our readers explain but once your reasons.

From my point of view, it [Bitcoin Cash] not only the Version that is closer to Satoshi’s idea, but it is also the Version of Bitcoin, which make him so popular. And if you change the economic reasons that led to the success of the Bitcoin only, contributes, in my opinion, is not that this Version of Bitcoin will have in the future, a similar success.

In my lecture, I compared the essential features that have made Bitcoin at the time, with today’s versions of BTC and Bitcoin and Cash. BTC today has none of these features and more, whereas Bitcoin Cash all of them. I would have made in 2011 with the Slogan “slow transactions” advertising for Bitcoin would have been interested in no one for Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Cash I can apply the same thing, I have advertised with the Bitcoin in 2011.

100 BTC is not enough

The scaling debate is controversial. To work, some believe in a Second-Layer solutions, such as the Lightning Network, rather than on the basis of the base Layer, as you recommend it. Do you think that in the future the possibility will be that both solutions can independently coexist?

The Bitcoin-to-Cash Community believes in both base-Layer and Second-Layer technologies. The BTC Community believes, however, only to the Second-Layer solution. At the Moment, Layer One solutions exist. Layer Two solutions are not in the future exist, hopefully, for the moment, however. The Lightning Network does not work in real trading. A total of just 100 Bitcoin to circulate in the Lightning Network. That is not enough, so that people can pay.

You’re known for your critical approach on the role of the state in the economy and apply crypto-currencies as a means to reduce the state’s control. To allow you’re still not convinced that crypto is the power, the liberty of the individual currencies?

Of course. For this reason, I am involved daily in the development of the Community. Crypto currencies give individuals the Power to control their own money. This gives the individual more economic freedom and thus leads to a freer world.

“We should focus more on adaptation”

Currently, the debate between a Bitcoin ETF comes up again and again. The SEC has advanced to the a latch. Would you one day see a Bitcoin-to-Cash-ETF?

I think if more and more people currencies, Bitcoin, Cash, or any other Crypto as a means of payment, the SEC is no other possibility than to allow a Bitcoin ETF. But it is the use to invest as a means of payment, motivated people, in an ETF. Therefore, we should focus more on the adaptation of crypto currencies, the ETF will then come by itself as a result of the adaptation.

It all depends on the Use Case

Also for institutional investors, this is a great theme.

Exactly. However, it depends on everything from the underlying Use Case. Crypto-currencies need to be useful, so people use them. Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment, insanely useful, whereas BTC is no longer the beneficial properties that it once made.

So you think that Bitcoin is able to optimize its functionality, in particular scaling, in order to be closer to the original Version?

Oh, I hope so. But I think, to be honest, not in it. As long as people don’t say that you want it, and popping champagne corks, if the transaction is to increase fees to US $ 50 per transaction. These people are still behind the logs, and certainly will not help due to the BTC of its ancient usefulness.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash are mutually dependent

It is a compromise to say, Bitcoin is a store of value while Bitcoin Cash as a means of payment works?

I think that both due to each other. If you can use one thing as a means of payment, it is also as a store of value relevant. People in Germany, for example, mainly use the Euro as a store of value. Why? Because you can anywhere pay. The same is true for the US Dollar in the United States. You can’t detach the function of the means of payment of the value-storing function. People use the currency as a store of value that you can spend everywhere.

Many thanks for the Interview, Roger.

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